a witch with long hair and elaborate makeup holding a glowing orb


Witches are one of the great mysteries of Argost. Witches are exceedingly rare and are rumored to have special dispensation by the King of Argost to act and practice their arts within the kingdom. It is rumored that they have quite a few restrictions upon them but the specifics are unknown by most.

There are no witches known to be members of any faction. Many believe that they are specifically barred from such.

Witches are said to be the masters of the night and relish being under the stars and moon. Rumors say that they can use their powers and abilities through agreements with dark entities and by drawing forth dark energies. Witches are said to have sight which allows them to see into the future or at least to see possibilities that may occur.

Distrust of witches is universal. Even those that have been known to work with them or call upon their powers only give them the smallest measure of trust. For someone to seek out their gifts is likely a sign of desperation or of dire circumstances.

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Note: This will likely be one of the most difficult types of characters to play in our campaign. These characters are mysterious and distrusted. Most of the information about them, unlike other headers, will not be released publicly. Only those who are very interested in playing witches will be given that information. We will urge them not to share it OOG at all in an effort to create mystery around them. We sincerely ask for your cooperation in this. If you see the addendum, you are not required to play a witch if you aren’t into it. Once again, we just ask that you keep it to yourself and do your best to forget specifics.

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