The Harlows

a line drawing of a white princess-cut gem

The Harlows

The Harlows are unique amongst the major families in that for at least the last three generations of the family nearly all members of it are adopted into the family. While the head of the family has always been a blood relation of the previous head, with perhaps one other blood relative, they adopt members into the family so its leader can focus on their duties. The Harlows have domain over the rugged country at the northeast corner of the kingdom. Nearly all of the mining in the kingdom is done in the Harlow’s domain. Also, the only known route directly from Cardiria to Argost comes over the Ice Shelf and into the Harlow’s domain. The Harlows are known to be able to walk in all circles with poise and strength. They are respected in both the courts and with the common folk who work the mines and live in their domain.

The Harlows are known for their magical prowess and are often consulted as masters of arcane magic. Wizards of this house nearly always wear masks and some other members choose to wear them as well. 

White is the house color and a princess cut gem is the house symbol. Opals are often prominently displayed by members of House Harlow in many different cuts and jewelry types. The house colors and their heraldry is reflective of the snow-covered lands they hail from. 

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