The Brightons

an abstract drawing of a blue dragon

The Brightons

The Brightons hail from the southern tip of the nation and ruled that area before allying with Argost and dedicating themselves to their new country and the crown. For generations, there are many native to that area that see the Brightons as sellouts at best and traitors at worst. They have been the target of rebels who seek to see their ancestors’ land independant again. In stark contrast, the Brightons are deeply respected throughout the rest of the kingdom. The family has a long history of service to Argost and might have contributed the greatest number of knights to the kingdom over its history. The Brighton’s domain is their ancestral home at the southern tip of the kingdom which includes the infamous Rivard Junction. Though they have the least wealth of any of the major families, when the Brightons talk people listen. 

Many of the Brightons claim shared lineage with the great dragons of ancient times. Some claim that the blood of the wyrms that runs through their veins gives them special perceptions and powers. Many Brightons are of the dragonborn culture and take their lineage very seriously. 

Blue is the house color and a dragon is the house symbol.

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