a cartoony drawing of a cave opening


Kova are the people of the mountainous northeastern part of Argost. Though many humans live in that area, the Kova excel in their homeland, having adapted to the harsh conditions there. Many Kova work in the mines in the Canton of Harlow. The mines are full of dangers including creatures that sometimes emerge from the depths of the earth. 

Rugged, determined, and with a great sense of individual purpose, Kova are widely respected. Though in youth it is very hard to tell a Kova apart from a Human, in their teens the metal and rock dust of the region is taken into the bodies manifesting as gray, silver, or gold veins visible in the neck and edges of the face. 

For those who seek other paths, many Kova join the Army of Argost or seek to join one of the Black Star Guild Houses; though there is no Black Star Guild within the Harlow’s Canton. 

The make-up requirement to play a Kova is metallic veins at the edge of the face. It is optional but encouraged to have those veins run down into the neck.

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