Knights of Venom

a dagger with a drop of poison on the tip

Knights of Venom

Knights of Venom are almost never seen by the common people to the point that many believe that they do not exist at all and are a matter of legend. Knights of this order spend their time out of the public eye but they can be found in nearly any setting where the influential and powerful congregate from the most formal of courts to the seediest of taverns. They handle their business as privately as possible. Leaders and influential people know what they do but the lay person really has no idea. The Knights of Venom do what must be done. They do not revel in this but they have the stomach for it if need be. Though Knights Tribunals for crimes are extremely rare, Knights of Venom have been tried the vast majority of times often admitting guilt but giving no details before receiving their sentences. Argost is a shining beacon that must persist led by a blessed bloodline. You will dwell at the edges where you can do what must be done to preserve the virtue of Argost’s royal family. When Argost is free from enemies, hope that you are still worthy of Argost, but if you are not, know that your service is honored as you leave Argost forever.

·         Law is one tool amongst many.

·         In justice, you serve it best when you act outside of view of the common folk and completely unrestrained.

The colors of the Knights of Venom are black and blue. Their symbol is a dagger with a drop of poison on the tip.

To be a Knight of Venom you must have the Sybaritic trait.

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