Knights of Tyranny

an upright gauntlet clenched in a fist

Knights of Tyranny

Knights of Tyranny are the most feared and even hated by the common people of Argost. To see a knight of this order selected as the one to dispense justice for you or a loved one will make a person’s blood run cold. The reputation of these knights is that they are harsh and can even be cruel. They are seen as aloof and out of touch with the common folk. The Knights of Tyranny do nothing to dispel this perception. Those with more knowledge of them have a great, though in some cases grudging, respect for knights of this order. Knights of Tyranny are often personally powerful and are willing and able to accomplish feats of martial might that few can duplicate. Their devotion to Argost and its institutions are unwavering but their order is by far the one that is least compassionate and in touch with the common people.

·         Argost gives you what you most desire and for that you love Argost with all your heart. You shall never be ashamed of the power, wealth, or other accolades you receive for your unwavering duty to your kingdom.

·         Law is for the common person. You have your oath and that is all that matters.

·         In justice, your whim supplants law.

The colors of the Knights of Tyranny are black and red. Their symbol is an upright, sinister facing, gauntlet clenched in a fist.

To be a Knight of Tyranny you must have the Sybaritic trait. 

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