Knights of Temperance

a slender hand holding a short smithing hammer

Knights of Temperance

Knights of Temperance are well loved by the people and if someone ever does run afoul of the law, they would feel tremendous relief if they were fortunate enough to have a Knight of Temperance sit in judgement over them. The Knights of Temperance believe in the existence of good in all and that everyone deserves a chance at redemption. Compassion is the paramount value shared between all Knights of Temperance.

·         Argost is to be protected and that is our paramount goal. Argost is far more than the sum of its parts and Argost is gravely damaged when harm comes to any aspect of it.

·         While there is great value in law, law is only of service when it is tempered by compassion and good judgement.

·         Words are powerful and you should choose them carefully. Promises must be kept in both the spirit in which they were given as well as the specifics of the language.

·         In justice, the exercise of restraint and leniency in punishment is the height of chivalry.

The colors of the Knights of Temperance are white and gold. Their symbol is a slender hand holding a short smithing hammer.

To be a Knight of Temperance you must have the Righteous trait.

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