Knights of Law

a thick, open tome

Knights of Law

Knights of Law are poorly understood by the lay people of Argost and even some people who are knowledgeable and influential. Knights of Law take very seriously the history of Argost and its institutions, especially the knighthoods. However, they are more than merely warrior historians. Knights of Law strive to be experts in all matters of rites, law, treaties, compacts, oaths, and social constructs. There is nothing more important to a Knight of Law than the specific, cold, dispassionate language of law in all its forms. Structure is a virtue to Knights of Law and paramount to all they pursue.

Without its institutions, compacts, oaths, and laws Argost would not exist in any meaningful way and its people would be nothing but anarchist rabble.

·         Law is cold and objective. To let one’s personal passions supplant carefully considered law in a moment of whim is an appalling show of personal hubris.

·          It is our greatest duty to lend our aid whenever it is sought and apply our expertise to matters of law, treaty, compact, ritual, and rite.

·         To know our future we must know our past. Striving to rediscover, maintain, and protect the history of Argost in all its facets is a most noble goal.

·         In justice, the law must be applied literally and with great objectivity. The law must be subjected to the most minimal interpretation with a goal of no interpretation whatsoever.

The colors of the Knights of Law are red and gold. Their symbol is a thick, open tome.

To be a Knight of Law you must have the Transcendent trait.

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