Knights of Defiance

a sword breaking an outstretched chain

Knights of Defiance

Knights of Defiance are the buccaneers of the knightly orders. They see their purview as walking the fine line between the laws, oaths, and traditions of Argost and the power of change and unpredictability. Knights of Defiance view goodness as being the ultimate goal and they employ whatever tools they must in an effort to see goodness triumph. Virtue is the foremost value that Knights of Defiance share.

·         There is no duty that supersedes the protection of the people of Argost. Ensure their happiness and well being.

·         A Knight of Defiance answers to a higher calling and that is the calling of goodness and virtue.

·         There is great power in truth telling. To be an oathbreaker invalidates all you have done. To give your word is something to be taken with deadly seriousness and should rarely be done. Some strive to make their oath to join the knighthood as they only oath they give in their lives.

·         In justice, goodness is the only goal. As a knight, your judgement supersedes the law that guides you. To ignore what is a virtuous outcome is a terrible travesty if the only reason for it is words on parchment written by someone ignorant of individual circumstances.

The colors of the Knights of Defiance are white and green. Their symbol is a sword breaking an outstretched chain.

To be a Knight of Defiance you must have the Righteous trait.

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