Knights of Camelot

a hand rising from a pool of water holding aloft a sword

Knights of Camelot

Knights of Camelot are some of the most loved knights by the common people of Argost. Named after the legendary kingdom led by King Arthur they embrace many of the qualities of those noble knights of legend. They believe strongly in codes, laws, and oaths. Their word is bond. Respect is one of their strongest shared values which extended to all including enemies.

·         Serve the King and Royal Family diligently and with honor and distinction.

·         Laws and concords are the foundation of a good and just society.

·         The word of the knight is the most important thing they have. Do not allow it to be tarnished for anyone or anything. Without their word, a knight is nothing.

·         In matters of justice, fair application of the law is the only true justice.

The colors of the Knights of Camelot are white and blue. Their symbol is a hand rising from a pool of water holding aloft a sword.

To be a Knight of Camelot you must have the Righteous trait.

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