Knights of Balance

a scale (for weighing small objects)

Knights of Balance

Knights of Balance get very little thought or consideration from the masses but are even less understood by the knowledgeable and influential people. It’s not that their mission is misunderstood but instead that very few people agree with what they seek to do. Most people are all in on their faction and personal beliefs. It is the rare person who sees the need for all those different views and additionally to seek to ensure all those disparate voices become a harmonious chorus. Those who answer that unique calling find themselves as Knights of Balance. Unity is the paramount value of the Knights of Balance. True unity is the goal but unity of purpose is a more realistic goal.

·         Argost’s greatest strength are the varied views of its institutions and leaders. It is your duty to remind people of this and ensure between all factions and people especially when views and codes are greatly disparate.

·         Law is the guardian of balance. It protects those described as necessary in the Great Prophecy. Though many think little of the Prophecy, what is described within did not end with the Cardirian War. 

·         In justice, the scales are paramount. Do not allow them to tip too far in one direction.

·         Your greatest charge is to ensure peace and mutual cooperation towards Argost’s goals, security, and prosperity.

The colors of the Knights of Balance are red and silver. Their symbol is a scale.

To be a Knight of Balance you must have the Transcendent trait.

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