Knights of Allegiance

a sword encircled by a chain

Knights of Allegiance

Knights of Allegiance are infamous throughout Argost. They are known for their cold brutality but also their strict adherence to their codes and the laws of Argost. Knights of Allegiance are some of Argost’s most staunch defenders. These knights seek out lore, information, legendary powers and artifacts, and anything else that does not endanger the kingdom, its people, or the royal family in pursuit of strength to defeat Argost’s enemies. Knights of Allegiance are infamous for questing out for such things. Strength is the watchword for this order.

·         Argost’s survival and prosperity is of such importance as to sacrifice even your own life for it, but only when your power is totally exhausted. Your quest is to empower yourself to assure that you are making your enemies die for their cause and not you for yours.

·         Laws keep the necessary order. Laws are needed to keep power in check as does the strict adherence to them. Remember always your oaths and their deep meaning. Without the law to check your power, citizens of Argost might fear your power and that is anathema to all we stand for.

·         In justice, law is the best tool to assure what is best for Argost and its people.

The colors of the Knights of Allegiance are black and green. Their symbol is a sword encircled by a chain.

To be a Knight of Allegiance you must have the Sybaritic trait.

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