Fealty Staff

Alan leading a D&D session while holding his infant daughter

Fealty staff

Fealty is the creation of Alan Green. Alan (he/him) has been larping since 1991. He’s a long time gamer with experience in many different systems. Alan ran Nero Myanthea in the late 1990s and early 2000s. He also ran the Dark Futures Nero National plot line in the early 2000s. Alan has played and staffed Accelerant games for many years and is currently a staff member at Madrigal 3.


Cory (he/him) has been larping for 25 years and has staffed for multiple games across different systems and genres. His interests are politics, economics, and combat mechanics.

Kevin Green

Kevin (he/him) started larping in 1995 (yikes), and played most of the Nero chapters in the northeast from 1995 to 2000. After a lay off during which he NPCed some interaction games, he came back to NERO and ran plot for NERO Ravenholt (before the scuffle there split things apart) with solid reviews and high levels of player fun. Most recently Kevin had a staff stint for about a year with Madrigal 3, before running out of time and bandwidth to play a non-local game. Kevin’s main focus is player fun, an inclusive environment where people get to be as involved as they would like to be and allowing players to influence stories as they develop. He never pushes too hard for “his story” preferring to tell OUR story together. In his spare time he likes long walks on the beach, writing his own stat cards and working out in hopes of not needing so many stats!

Denise Hurd

Denise (she/her) started larping in 2017. She plays Madrigal 3.

Adam Hurley

Adam (he/him) has been larping since 2006, bouncing all over the New England Larping communities as a NPC, Staffer and Player. Dark Fantasy, Tragedy, and Horror are staples in what to expect from him in any role or setting.

Amelia Kahl

Amelia (she/her) has been larping since 2011. She’s played Madrigal 2 and 3 as well as Fifth Gate. This is her first time staffing.

a photo of Amelia in front of a waterfall

Nicole Kowal

Nicole (any pronoun) started larping in 2019 (Fresh Meat!). They started as an NPC for Madrigal 3 and instantly got hooked. Nicole loves how LARP allows for creativity and space to explore stories made organically with others. They continue to be part of Madrigal 3, Madrigal: Oathbound, Thaumatrope, and is very excited to take on a story writing role as part of the Fealty Staff. Though they are still new to LARPing, they are not new to fantasy roleplaying games. Nicole started their storytelling journey in middle school when they discovered dungeons and dragons which continued through their life as both player and dungeon master. They also played a lot of MUDs and has always been drawn to the expressive and creative side of roleplaying games. Nicole is excited to bring her passion for horror and dark themes to Fealty.

Chris Silva

Chris (he/him) has been larping since 2012 across New England, playing at Legends, LIONE, Madrigal, and Coventry among others. He likes elaborate costumes and makeup, weird magical schemes, and harebrained character concepts.

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