an elf with pointy ears dressed in a pirate hat and purple coat


Elves make up a very small percentage of the population of Argost with almost all elves living in the southeastern corner of the kingdom nearest to the border of the Elven Kingdom of Glavaleth. Most Elves feel a closeness with nature and craft homes that reflect those values with lots of flowers and plants but also respect architecture and civilization. Most Elves do not leave their home areas but some do for a multitude of reasons. Elves of Argost are fiercely loyal to their home and are rumored to have some strife with their brethren in Glavaleth. 

The few Elves that join factions can be found in any of them, though they tend to favor the Knighthoods and Nobility. There is a small yet esteemed noble house of Elves. House Mallorn influences almost all commerce and diplomacy for their local area. While this area is not a Canton, it is within Argost Royal Holdings, so their nobility does not answer to one of the major families. 

Elves are rumored to have magical powers that they can manifest but those seem to only be rumors. There are also legends of other elven cultures that have existed in other areas.

To be an elf you must have the Righteous trait. 

The make-up requirement to play an Elf is pointed ears.

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