A red silhouette of a dragon


Dragonblooded can be found anywhere in Argost though the Brighton family and its banner houses have the greatest number of Dragonblooded. This culture claims lineage from dragons, that while in human form, sired children in ancient times.  

Known to be fierce like their legendary ancestors, Dragonblooded serve in every faction. Black Star specifically seeks them out for membership if they are only distantly related to the Brightons. 

Many believe that Dragonblooded possess powers like the dragons of legends and most Dragonblooded make no effort to dissuade that perception. However, there is little actual evidence to support such ideas.

The make-up requirements to play a Dragonblooded are heavy make-up around the eyes, eyeliner, eye shadow, or both. Painted fingernails and lipstick are both optional additions. Some Dragonblooded also manifest marks or symbols on their bodies. If you are wearing a visible mark, you can do subtle make-up. You should pick from the following colors and all your make-up should be that color: Red, Blue, or Green. 

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