Community Values

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Statement of game and Community goals

We want, most of all, to have a community that is safe and welcoming to all and a game that is fun as well as fulfilling. Below are some specific points that we find are important to realizing this goal. They are by no means all inclusive, but should give everyone a good idea about the community we are trying to build. However, if anyone is ever unsure about something or there is any way that we can support our players, please contact us and give us the opportunity to do so.

Inclusivity is a key component that is valued by our staff. We want anyone and everyone who wants to play to come, feel welcome, and get involved in the game in ways that are fun for them. We will actively seek to involve players in whatever plots they wish and to encourage players to include others when doing things such as forming groups or spearheading plots. 

We wish for everyone to execute the rules to the best of their ability. If a rule or game convention is something that a player can not perform as per the rules written the rulebook, this game works on an honor system. Doing your best is what is inline with the spirit of the rules. If anyone has any questions or concerns, please reach out to staff and we will work with you. 

Narrative makes up the bulk of game play and we want it to be accessible as well as safe for all. We want to be able to create tension and conflict in the game setting. However, with all the strife in the real world, we want to avoid using certain themes and tropes as they are likely to be unenjoyable at best. Conflict will not involve themes like racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexual assault, sexism, or other deeply troubling topics that exist in our current climate. They will not be used to drive any narrative in the game and in addition, players will be prohibited from using them in any form. 

There will be a zero tolerance policy for any sort of bigoted or discriminatory behavior in or out of game. 

Everything we do as a game staff is intended to maximize fun for all players across the community and attempt to eliminate out of game frustration. Failure and frustration on a character level can be a lot of fun and we intend to explore that. We want players to rave about the torment their characters experienced when game is called off on Sunday, not be upset due to their lack of engagement/enjoyment.

The best way to assure that people experience what they wish from the game is to create a strong “opt-in” culture; dark themes are present in the narrative. We are an 18+ game and many of our players and staff enjoy exploring darker content. We do our best to assure that such themes are always clear and allow for those who do not wish to participate to opt-out if they choose. However, if we fail at that, we promise that you can always opt-out at any point in the encounter with enthusiastic support from staff; this can be because of topics or even combat scenarios that are too intense. There will never be a negative consequence for opting-out, and if you missed important plot because of that choice, we will be sure to find a way to get you back involved.

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