Argost Royal Army

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Argost Royal Army

The Argost Royal Army is the height of elite professionalism and dedication to duty. The standing army is the largest that it has been in centuries. Normally, the army maintains positions along the cost to stop raiders that come from the small island communities far off the coast. They also had a small number of outposts along the eastern border to prevent incursions from tribes of orcs and others from the Wild Plains.

However, since the end of the war with Cardiria, Argost has kept a large number of army units that had been formed during the war to keep an eye out for renewed aggression. Though there is a peace treaty that has been in place for over five years, Argost is taking no chances. For now, there has been no movement or provocations from Cardiria.

Members of the army come from all walks of life. Children of powerful noble families sometimes do a term in the army to serve Argost, make contacts, gain valuable fighting training and experience, go on an adventure, or some combination of all. The army allows for opportunities that might not be available to orphans or young people that do not have opportunities to learn a trade or gain employment.

There are different divisions in the army that have unit histories and those who serve in them have a lot of pride. Below the division level, soldiers are moved around so much that which company or platoon a person was a member of is not really a point of pride and changes come so often, most people don’t remember all the platoons or companies they have served in.

Players characters can not begin game as a former or current member of the Royal Guard.

Player characters can be of low to mid ranking enlisted soldiers or low ranking officers. You may select one of the divisions listed below to have served with in the past, you may have served with less well known units, or this might be your first post. All soldiers assigned to the forces exploring the new lands are part of the 1st Expeditionary Force.

The 1st Expeditionary Force is a newly formed to create an army presence for the new lands that have recently been discovered and are currently being explored. Lt. Col. Markus Brighton was assigned to lead this unit after a long and distinguished career. He is known to be conservative but a tiger when a fight has begun. Major Oliver Wicke is Deputy Expedition Commander (Second in Command).

The 8th Mountain Division serves in the area in the northeast corner of Argost where the kingdom’s border touches the Ice Shelf and that is the no man’s land between Argost and Cardiria. Since the Ice Shelf began to melt just before the Cardirian War began, there have been many new routes formed from the melting ice that link Argost and Cardiria. This unit is tasked with patrolling those routes. They are also one of the few units that encounter supernatural creatures. Elementals and icy undead wander the area near the Ice Shelf and the 8th puts down such creatures. Due to the tough terrain and frigid conditions, serving with the 8th is one of the most prestigious and difficult assignments in the army.

The 27th Ranger Division patrols the eastern and southeastern borders. Since the one significant elven settlement in Argost is in the southeast and the proximity to the independent elven kingdom of Galvaleth, those who serve with the 27th are some of the few in Argost that have likely met or even seen an elf. The rangers patrol the border with the Wild Plains and battle some of the orcish raiding parties that cross the border. On rare occasions, they patrol into the Wild Plains looking for units from foreign powers or bandits that use the area to hide.

The 2nd Marine Division is responsible for a large portion of the coast that makes up the western edge of Argost. They are trained in combating raiders using long boats and other small vessels as well as repelling assaults from the sea. Due to the brutal nature of the raiders, the Marines of the 2nd Division have a reputation for brutality themselves. The people of coastal Argost love the Marines and throw them a feast every year as the first snows approach.

The 2nd Division of the Queen’s Dragoons are an elite reconnaissance and intelligence gathering unit. They are also an elite covert unit that spends a lot of time monitoring the activities of Black Star in the region around Argost’s largest city Rivard Junction. Veterans of this unit tend to have a very negative view of Black Star and rarely join the guild when they leave the army. Ironically, there is no 1st Division of the Queen’s Dragoons. If there ever was, the unit’s existence has been lost to history. 

The Wolfhound Raiders, a part of the 27th Infantry Division, is a secretive special operations unit that very little is known about. Of course, this doesn’t stop people from talking about them and gossiping about any stories they hear. This unit is dispatched to missions that usually only experienced and elite knights would be sent on. 

The Royal Guard is the pinnacle of service within the Argost Royal Army. Their close proximity to the royal family affords them extraordinary access and influence due to both proximity as well as their willingness to give their lives in the defense of the Royal Family. Because of this, there is a strenuous process to accept a new soldier into the Royal Guard. Soldiers within the Royal Guard have very little contact with the regular army in their new role. Royal Guards usually do not go to any other faction when they retire.

Members of the army do not wear identical uniforms. Soldiers in the army tend to wear green, brown, or tan. Their clothes are styled on military uniforms from the Victorian Era up to WWI. Berets are common headwear. Fantasy style uniforms based on other genres are also encouraged if they can fit into the styles listed above of medieval fantasy. Camouflage should be avoided completely. If you have questions, please reach out to the staff. 

Uniforms: Please be considerate when looking for uniforms. Anything worn by the Nazis is strictly prohibited. Great care should be taken when selecting costume ideas to avoid anything that invokes them. 

Royal Guards wear purple, silver, and white which are the colors of the royal family. Some wear scarves, belt flags, or other ways to display the colors while wearing the uniforms they wore before the entered the royal guard. Some adopt more tabards, surcoats, and other more traditional clothing in the colors of the royal family.

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For a character to be a member of the Royal Army they must have purchased the Soldier secondary header.

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